Charles Fenn Pretty homesteaded a section of land (640 acres) in 1890, and in 1924 purchased the adjacent section. The Pretty family was heavily involved in the BC forest industry for nearly 100 years

Originally built as Fenn Lodge in 1903, the existing house (the two previous family residences burned down) was constructed of local lumber and granite, milled and quarried on site. The water-driven mill’s supply pipeline was converted in the 1960’s to operate the hydro electric generator which powers the house today

Numerous other residences, barns and logging business related buildings existed on the property over the years only a few stone walls and foundations remain

In the late 1980’s, much of the remaining property, (506 acres which have extremely high fish and wildlife values and borders the Chehalis and Harrison Rivers) was sold to the National Second Century Fund to form the Harrison River Wetland Conservancy

In 1995, Ella Pretty sold the house and 87 acres to a couple from Vancouver who restored, renovated and operated as a B&B until purchased by Sts’ailes in 2009.

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