Welcome to Sts'ailes

Sts’ailes Traditional Territory encompasses a diverse landscape and ecosystem that extends over 3,000 square km in the Upper Fraser Valley. The cold, clear, glacial-fed rivers and lakes that flow throughout the territory were the lifeblood of Sts'ailes economy, culture, and history as witnessed today by ancient fishing sites and villages, pictographs, and transformation sites that are embedded in the land. The landscape is wild, featuring sparkling rivers, gorgeous lakes, magnificent coastal mountains, and extensive wetlands and extends south-north from the Fraser River to the lower Lillooet River, and west-east from Stave Lake to the impressive Lillooet mountain range.

Long House culture continues to thrive and is an important part of everyday life for the people.

The protection and conservation of the Salmon resource continues to be a fundamental cornerstone for the more than 1,000 Sts’ailes as it has always provided much of their wealth and sustenance.

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