Traditional Cultural Experiences with Nelson Leon

Nelson LeonNelson Leon delivers exceptional cultural experiences that allow participants to watch, engage, learn, appreciate...and with their own hands create their own memories of the time they have spent with Se’wós:èltel. Make a mini or full size drum, a dream catcher, a rattle, or a paddle necklace. Be immersed in the generous spirit of his teachings, as he passes on Sts'ailes values and history as he has been taught by his elders.



Mini Drum $20/pp

1 hour
Make your own mini drum, and embellish with your choice of colourful feathers and pony beads.
Max Group Size:15
*Note: Larger groups can be accommodated for all experiences.

Full Size Drum (16") $120/pp

1.5 hours
16 Cedar Hoop Frame, Hide, Sinew or Rope, Dream Catcher handle finish. Sharing of Sts'ailes songs.

Dream Catcher $20/pp

1 hour
Learn about the hoop. Weave and learn the teachings and history of the dream catcher. Max Group Size:15

Paddle Necklaces $12/pp

Great younger children activity. Learn about the importance of the paddle to coastal and river people, Nelson will share the how the paddle is used today in traditional and contemporary ways.
Max Group Size:15

Medicine Bags $20/pp

1 Hour
Nelson will share teachings passed to him, share the medicines he uses...cedar, sage, sweet grass, tobacco while making your own Medicine Bag. Max Group Size: 15

Rattles $80/pp

1 hour
Make a rattle from hide, sinew, wood. Nelson shares traditional and contemporary uses in dance, ceremony, and spirit.
Max Group Size: 15